Some Important Aspects of Learning Excel

Online Excel training can prove very helpful if you're handling a lot of numerical data at the office. While MS Excel has its own help files, using these is usually practical in the case of occasional reference for specific tasks. But when you need to learn Excel from scratch, online tutorials that are well-organized and brief are more reliable that the application's built-in help files.

Here are some Excel tricks that you may want to master: 

How to Freeze Panes in Excel

To retain the visibility of a specific area of your Excel worksheet as you scroll to another, you need to freeze panes/cells . In other words, this feature lets you lock in certain rows and columns for quick reference as you turn your attention to other sections of your worksheet.  

Quick Access Toolbar

Found at the top of the interface, the quick access toolbar carries Excel commands that you'll use most frequently. It is the horizontal bar that contains the save, undo, and redo icons by default, and you may add more tools to accommodate your day-to-day spreadsheet applications.

Formula Bar

The formula bar is one of the main features that make Excel what it is. It is a bar that displays any formula, whether scientific, financial, or mathematical that's linked to a highlighted cell. It's important to know whether a specific cell is associated with any formula before you perform any action on it, such as delete, edit, or copy. If you delete a cell, you also delete the formula in it. And when you copy a cell with a formula, you transfer the formula to the destination cell.  

Spreadsheet Grid

The spreadsheet grid carries all the rows, columns, and cells. It is you work area in Excel. All data, formatting, numbers, graphs, and manipulations take place here. You can have as many worksheets as you have in a single Excel file or workbook.

Status Bar

The status bar indicates the current Excel activity, from recording a macro to generating a report. Quick summaries of select cells are also exhibited here.

There's so much more you can learn with online Excel training. But it's important you start with a basic understanding of the application's user interface and basic worksheet organization skills. Life using Ms Excel can be way easier when you master basic techniques like how to freeze panes, lock headers, or manage dashboards with the help of experienced trainers.